A barbaric snapchat video of two men brutally torturing and killing a pitbull has surfaced on social media. The incident occurred at a known kill pen in Bastrop, LA where a slaughter-bound horse was used in the torture.

The following statement was posted on Animal Recovery Mission’s Facebook page:

Call To Action For Dog Tortured in Snap Chat Video:

Please help take action by flooding the Prosecuting Attorney for this case with calls to demand the maximum sentencing for the vile act of torture displayed by Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler from the Bastrop Kill Pen in Lousiana. The two men ruthlessly uploaded a video of the torture and killing of a sweet Pitbull on social media. After tying the Pitbul to a slaughter bound horse and terrorizing the animal, the men enjoyably slit the pitbull’s throat four times before putting it to death.

This is a felony act of animal cruelty and nonetheless cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler must receive the harshest and most severe punishment for their vicious crime. If the law does not seek proper justice for this crime and the case gets disregarded, ARM will send investigators into the county of Morehouse Parish, Louisiana where this kill pen is located.

Please call the Prosecuting Attorney at Morehouse District Attorney: (318) 281-4907)

The video, which contains graphic content, can be viewed on ARM’s Facebook page.