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Author Interview: Robin Hutton, Resurrecting Sgt. Reckless

In 2006, Robin Hutton had a dream that initiated a life-altering journey. She dreamt of a sick horse held captive in her closet for eight years, which Hutton had to free before he perished. Hutton interpreted the dream to be… Continue Reading →

Q&A with Rachael Eliker, Author of the Nadia & Winny series

It’s not every day a book series offers teen angst, romance, a bit of mystery, and a protagonist who swaps identities with her horse! But that’s exactly the juicy brew author Rachael Eliker serves up in her Nadia and Winny… Continue Reading →

Talking Mustangs with Mitchell Bornstein, Author of “Last Chance Mustang”

Mitchell Bornstein’s debut novel, Last Chance Mustang, tells the story of Samson, a wild mustang-turned-captive. More than just the story of one man and one horse, Last Chance Mustang is a compelling exploration of the history and plight of the… Continue Reading →

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