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ARM’s Richard Couto Launches Investigation into Trainer Accused of Waterboarding Horse

Iowa horse trainer Logan Allen’s Facebook posts depicting a motionless horse, tied with ropes and soaked in water with the caption “bad boy” have launched a furious backlash on social media over the past few days. Allen claims his images… Continue Reading →

Owner of Illegal Florida Slaughterhouse Sentenced

Jorge Garcia, owner and operator of Rancho Garcia, an illegal slaughterhouse in Southern Florida, was sentenced today to 364 days in prison with no possibility of house arrest. Garcia will not be allowed to own animals or reside with anyone… Continue Reading →

Florida Illegal Slaughterhouse Owner Found Guilty of all Charges

The verdict is in for Jorge Garcia, owner and operator of Rancho Garcia, an illegal slaughter farm in southern Florida. Jurors found Garcia guilty on two counts of animal cruelty with intent to kill and two counts of animal cruelty… Continue Reading →

Most Read of 2015: The Dark Knight of Florida’s Slaughter Underworld

The October slaughter of Debbie Stephen’s Grand Prix show jumping horse Phedras de Blondel shed a national spotlight on Florida’s dirty secret: the lucrative business of black market horse meat. Crimes once limited to illegal slaughterhouses have now expanded to… Continue Reading →

Illegal Slaughter Raid in Miami

Animal Recovery Mission in cooperation with the Miami Dade State Attorney Office, Miami Dade Oganized Crime, and the Miami Dade Police Department conducted a raid of an illegal slaughter operation in Miami, FL on December 17. The unnamed operation located… Continue Reading →

Hearings Begin Today in Florida Slaughter Case

October 13, 2015 marked an important date in Palm Beach County, Florida where 3 illegal animal slaughter farms were struck and raided by Animal Recovery Mission and the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s office and Sheriffs Department. On this day,… Continue Reading →

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