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Ashley Fairfield-Remeza

[Updated] The Latest on Wild Horse & Slaughter Legislation

There’s been a flurry of activity lately pertaining to the future of wild horses and horse slaughter in the United States. Like most things in Washington these days, keeping up with the latest developments is not easy, so here’s a… Continue Reading →

Talking Mustangs with Mitchell Bornstein, Author of “Last Chance Mustang”

Mitchell Bornstein’s debut novel, Last Chance Mustang, tells the story of Samson, a wild mustang-turned-captive. More than just the story of one man and one horse, Last Chance Mustang is a compelling exploration of the history and plight of the… Continue Reading →

Who Would Your Horse Vote For?

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s election season! As we continue on this Alice in Wonderland-type journey that is our democracy in action, one issue is consistently ignored: animal welfare. There’s a lot to consider in choosing a president, like… Continue Reading →

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