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[Updated] The Latest on Wild Horse & Slaughter Legislation

There’s been a flurry of activity lately pertaining to the future of wild horses and horse slaughter in the United States. Like most things in Washington these days, keeping up with the latest developments is not easy, so here’s a… Continue Reading →

House Panel Votes to Lift Ban on Horse Slaughter

Today, the House Appropriations Committee voted 27-25 in favor of lifting the ban on slaughtering horses for meat in the United States. The ban, which disallows USDA inspection of horse meat, remains in place until September 30th of this year…. Continue Reading →

Update on BLM Budget Urging Euthanization of Wild Horses (and it’s Good News)

America’s wild horses and burros have been granted a temporary stay of execution, thanks to new language in the House budget bill. A previous version of the bill contained language allowing for the unrestricted sale and euthanization of wild horses… Continue Reading →

Sharp Decline in EU Imports of Horse Meat from Canada

Animals’ Angels, an investigative agency dedicated to animal rights, has announced a sharp decline in horsemeat imports to the European Union and Switzerland from Canada. The organization reports that from January to August 2016, horse meat exports to France, Belgium,… Continue Reading →

Owner of Illegal Florida Slaughterhouse Sentenced

Jorge Garcia, owner and operator of Rancho Garcia, an illegal slaughterhouse in Southern Florida, was sentenced today to 364 days in prison with no possibility of house arrest. Garcia will not be allowed to own animals or reside with anyone… Continue Reading →

An Interview with Horse Advocate Elizabeth “Sunshine” Pandolfelli

Last weekend the International Rallies Fighting for the Survival of Horses and Burros were held. Advocates gathered in an effort to raise public awareness of the plight of America’s horses. Information pamphlets were available about the Bureau of Land Management’s… Continue Reading →

House Committee Votes Against Opening Horse Slaughter Plants

Earlier today the U.S. House Appropriations Committee voted to prevent the reopening of horse slaughter plants in the United States. The “defund” amendment drafted by Congressman Sam Farr and Congressman Charlie Dent passed by a narrow margin of 25-23. While… Continue Reading →

Organization Calls for Investigation into Killer Buyer Mike McBarron

Animals’ Angels, an investigative agency dedicated to animal rights, has released their findings from a two-year investigation into “killer buyer” Mike McBarron of Forney, TX. The organization alleges that McBarron, owner of M and M Livestock and M and M… Continue Reading →

Talking Mustangs with Mitchell Bornstein, Author of “Last Chance Mustang”

Mitchell Bornstein’s debut novel, Last Chance Mustang, tells the story of Samson, a wild mustang-turned-captive. More than just the story of one man and one horse, Last Chance Mustang is a compelling exploration of the history and plight of the… Continue Reading →

Most Read of 2015: The Dark Knight of Florida’s Slaughter Underworld

The October slaughter of Debbie Stephen’s Grand Prix show jumping horse Phedras de Blondel shed a national spotlight on Florida’s dirty secret: the lucrative business of black market horse meat. Crimes once limited to illegal slaughterhouses have now expanded to… Continue Reading →

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