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23,000 Acres of California Land Restored for Wild Horses

A Federal Appeals Court has ordered the U.S. Forest Service to restore 23,000 acres of California land for wild horses. The land, which connects two other wild horse territories, would create one large swath of protected area for the horses… Continue Reading →

[Updated] The Latest on Wild Horse & Slaughter Legislation

There’s been a flurry of activity lately pertaining to the future of wild horses and horse slaughter in the United States. Like most things in Washington these days, keeping up with the latest developments is not easy, so here’s a… Continue Reading →

Update on BLM Budget Urging Euthanization of Wild Horses (and it’s Good News)

America’s wild horses and burros have been granted a temporary stay of execution, thanks to new language in the House budget bill. A previous version of the bill contained language allowing for the unrestricted sale and euthanization of wild horses… Continue Reading →

Lawsuit Filed to Stop Wyoming Wild Horse Roundup

A lawsuit has been brought against the Bureau of Land Management seeking to halt a planned October 18th roundup in Wyoming’s Checkerboard region. Below is the announcement from the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign: The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign… Continue Reading →

In a Rare Victory for Wild Horses, Legislation Passes to Protect the Salt River Herd

Arizona’s Salt River wild horses are now legally protected under bill 2340 which passed the Arizona house in a 53-3 vote. This achievement is the result of a hard-fought battle by wild horse advocates and Arizona residents who rallied around… Continue Reading → | © 2020 The Inside Rein — Powered by WordPress

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