Last fall, The Inside Rein began covering the illegal horse slaughter trade in Florida and spoke with Richard Couto of Animal Recovery Mission (ARM). The cases mentioned in that article are now coming to trial. Below are updates on the cases. We’ll be continuing to cover these cases until the final verdicts are in.

1. Coco Farm
Coco farm became known as one of the largest illegal slaughter operations in the United States. Animals were killed for religious sacrifice as well as human consumption.

The head of this operation, Gregario Santa Ana, accepted a plea deal and pled guilty to 26 counts of animal cruelty. He is not allowed any type of association with animals again. For more information click here.

2. Garcia’s
Jorge Garcia and Rafael Ramirez, charged with illegally slaughtering animals and possession of horse meat, have made repeated attempts to have a video thrown out showing their cruel illegal slaughter operations. The judge denied this request a second time - a victory for ARM - and the cases could go to trial as early as March 28. For additional information read here.