It was a thrilling day of Show Jumping in Rio today, where each round counted toward both a team and individual score. 8 teams move on to tomorrow’s round, and the top 45 individuals with fewer than 10 faults over the past two rounds will move forward.

Giulherme Jorge’s track proved difficult, as did a tight time allowed, with just 21 of 69 riders going clear. A triple combination early in the course served as a bogey, causing two eliminations, another stop, and many rails thanks to the vertical-oxer-vertical combination.

The final fences, 13a and B, also saw multiple rails fall, breaking a few hearts of those on otherwise clear rounds.

In all, 4 teams move on with perfect scores - Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, and USA. Each of those teams needed the drop score, with Beezie Madden having an uncharacteristic 8 faults and Jur Vreiling of the Netherlands eliminated at the triple combination.

France is sitting close on the heels of the top 4, with just a single penalty. Penelope Leprevost recovered from her fall on Sunday to put in a clutch clear with Flora di Mariposa.

Sweden and Switzerland round out the top 8, with reigning Olympic champion, Steve Guerdat, ending his day with two rails down.

Qatar was eliminated from team competition on 9 faults, just 1 point away from contention.

In the individual competition, ten riders have a perfect score of 0 over the two rounds thus far.

Team Standings:
1. Brazil - 0
1. Germany - 0
1. Netherlands - 0
1. USA -0
5. France - 1
6. Canada - 4
7. Switzerland - 8
7. Sweden - 8

Individual Qualifications:
1. Kent Farrington (USA)
1. Christian Ahlmann (GER)
1. Peder Fredricson (SWE)
1. Maikel van der Vleuten (NED)
1. Meredith Michaels-Beerbam (GER)
1. Harrie Smolders (NED)
1. Sergio Alvarez Moya (ESP)
1. Alvaro Doda de Miranda
1. Daniel Deusser (GER)
1. Eric Lamaze (CAN)
1. Pedro Veniss (BRA)
12. Rene Tebbel (UKR)
12. Roger Yves Bost (FRA)
14. Yousef Al Rumaihi Ali (QAT)
14. Jeroen Dubbeldam (QAT)
15. Yann Candele (CAN)
15. Philippe Rozier (FRA)
15. Eduardo Menezes (BRA)
15. Lucy Davis (USA)
15. Sheikh Ali al Thani (QAT)
15. Romain Duguet (SUI)
15. Kevin Staut (FRA)
15. McLain Ward (USA)
15. Henrik von Eckermann (SWE)
15. Martin Fuchs (SUI)
26. Reiko Takeda (JPN)
26. Matias Albarracin (ARG)
26. Edwina Tops-Alexander (AUS)
26. Amy Millar (CAN)
30. Luciana Diniz (POR)
30. Ramiro Quintana (ARG)
30. Matt Williams (AUS)
30. Ulrich Kirchhoff (UKR)
30. Nick Skelton (GBR)
30. Janika Sprunger (SUI)
30. Ben Maher (GBR)
30. Manuel Fernandez Saro (ESP)
30. Tiffany Foster (CAN)
30. Ludger Beerbaum (GER)
42. Karim Elzoghby (EGY)
42. Michael Whitaker (GBR)
44. Nestor Nielsen van Hoff (URU)
44. Jerome Guery (BEL)
46. Jose Maria Larocca (ARG)

Update by Ashley Fairfield-Remeza