2nd place finisher Confu gets some much deserved love from Laura Kraut.

3rd place finishers Kent Farrington & Creedance.

4th place finishers Beezie Madden & Quister. Run, Beezie, run!

Aaron Vale & Finou 4 finished 5th.

The first pair clear in round one, Catherine Tyree & Enjoy Louis finished 6th.

Jessica Springsteen & Tiger Lilly had 4 faults but were sure speedy in round 1.

Is there anything she can’t do? Eventer/show jumper Marilyn Little had 4 faults in round 1 with Clearwater.

Georgina Bloomberg & Crown 5 (looking very unicorn-esque here) had 4 faults in round 1.

The terrier races were hilarious - competitive little buggers!

Brave shetland jockeys.

Youngster jockeys running to their ponies.

The big winners.