Matthieu Mirville is an independent photographer specializing in equestrian photography. Based near Paris, Mr. Mirville regularly photographs French contests, including last week’s Global Champions Tour stop in Paris. If you enjoyed the photos we published from LGCT Paris, it’s thanks to Mr. Mirville!

During the Global Champions Tour at Chantilly on May 26th, 2016 in Chantilly, France.Photo by ©Matthieu Mirville.

When did you start photographing equestrian sports?
I started photography as a hobby by buying a simple beginner camera and photographing a bit of everything. Everyone looked at my photos and said “you have a talent” so I continued, and this is where I am.

I started equestrian photography by going to a horse show in Chantilly to to try my new camera and I immediately liked the sport.

Are you a rider/horseman yourself?
No, I’m not a horseman, but sometimes I ride the horse that belongs to my girlfriend.

During the Global Champions Tour at Chantilly on May 26th, 2016 in Chantilly, France.
Photo by ©Matthieu Mirville.

How would you describe your photographic style?
What I seek in photography is really pure sport - when the horse is action or the joy of the rider’s expression. From this action and emotion I hope to create a beautiful portrait. I also take pictures of atmosphere (at the paddock For example) but I do not necessarily find direct inspiration. But at the paddock one can get a pretty image.

Do you focus on show jumping or other equestrian sports?  Do you do photography outside of equestrian?
My main profession is equestrian photography. Dressage is where I find that there is a great emotion coming from the riders on our photos, and jumping is my favorite of the sports. I am open to other areas, such as photographing people or other forms of sport.

I would love to participate in a Reining competition, many photographers have told me about this discipline and they love it. My dream is to cover all equestrian disciplines at the Olympic Games.

What are you looking to capture in your images? 
As I said earlier, I try to capture pure sport but I also like the emotions of the riders, for example, when they win a Grand Prix.

I enjoy photographing Luciana Diniz and her horses - there is so much love and complicity between them. Luciana is really very nice, when we take a picture if she sees it, she will make a small sign, a smile.

Do you do private sessions?  If so, what can your clients expect from a session?
Yes, I do private sessions. My clients can expect great patience from me to capture the best scene possible. I will keep shooting until I have the picture I want! My preference is always a session with horses and riders.

Where can people view/purchase your images?  What major events will you be covering in the future?
People/magazines can view or buy my photos on my website.

My next event will be the Global Champions Tour in Chantilly. I love this particular event, the setting is fantastic and the organization is excellent. After that I will be attending the Longines Masters in Paris this December.