The latest images out of the Caribbean should be all the proof horse owners need that it’s time to evacuate if they’re in Hurricane Irma’s predicted path. Be realistic, even if you think your barn is hurricane proof, it’s probably not. Horses standing in floodwaters for an extended period time often suffer life-ending wounds and infections.

Below are a few resources for anyone needing to evacuate in the coming days – this is a preliminary list that will be updated regularly.

Advice during evacuation

  • The following facilities are offering stabling for evacuees, call for availability as spaces fill up fast:

    *New: view this list for available stabling on the East Coast.

    • Georgia National Fairgrounds Center - 478-987-3247
    • Tryon Equestrian Center - 828-863-1005
    • Foothills Equestrian Nature Center Tryon, NC - 828-859-9021
    • S.C. Equine Park – Camden: Mike Mathis - 803 486-4938
    • Western N.C. Agriculture Center/Fair Grounds -Asheville
    • Kentucky Horse Park – Sheila Forbes - 859-259-4290 or [email protected]
    • Alabama has opened temporary sheltering facilities for horses and livestock at the following locations:
    • Covington Center Arena - Bo Fuqua 334-504-2717
      Garrett Coliseum - Randy Stephenson - 334-356-6866
      Houston County Farm Center -Mickey Sego - 334-792-5730
      5 County Complex - Gavin Mauldin - 334-894-5596

    *Johnson Horse Transportation is helping relocate horses from South Florida – call 610-488-7220

    Social media is a good way to connect with barn owners and those willing to help with transport. Here are a few groups, more to come: